Buying New Flowers

According to data from a survey carried out by the Royal Horticultural Society, 77 of Britons say they undertake gardening regularly. In addition, 70 of Britons surveyed say they would prefer to spend their working days gardening rather than going to the office. For people with gardens, it is wise to buy new flowers several times annually. Here is why you should do so.

Replace old and damaged flowers

Over time, flowers grow old and require replacement with younger ones that are more attractive. The frequency of replacement varies depending on the type of plant (annual, biennial, and perennial). Annuals that you could plant include marigolds and zinnias while biennials include foxgloves. The problem with biennials is they normally require a lot of care during their first winter season to ensure they survive. However, they require minimal care during their second winter season.Take note most biennials do not bloom until the second season.Popular perennials include wildflower seeds uk, roses, and daylilies.

Seasonal changes

Most flowers bloom depending on the season (spring, summer, autumn, and winter). As such, it is sensible to plant new flowers every season to enjoy new blooms every season. Spring flower species include alpine wood fern, daffodil, "spring green" tulip, magnolia, and eastern cyclamen while summer flowers include Mexican fleabane, masterwort, milky bellflower, geranium rozanne, and golden oats. During autumn, plant flowers such as michalmas daisy, aster, sunflower, coneflower, Chinese plumbago, oriental fountain grass, white gaura, and Japanese anemone. Finally, winter flower species include cyclamen coum, snowdrop, pansies, winter aconite, Nepalese paper plant, Himalayan birch, and Algerian iris. Remember to plant new flowers well in advance of their blooming season. For example, bulbs like tulips and daffodils should be planted anywhere from October to December to ensure they bloom the next spring.

Improve property value

According to the president of the National Association of Estate Agents, a well-designed and kept garden can improve property value by 5 to 10. In addition, a survey carried out by the UK-based estate agent company Move with Us found that a garden can add 10 to the value of a property. For this reason, invest in flowers that will make your home stand out from the rest. If you can, hire a professional to design a garden that appeals to the eyes of potential buyers.

Change outdoor look

Besides improving the value of your home, you can buy flowers for your garden to change its overall look. For instance, you can introduce marigolds in a garden with daylilies to infuse a dash of bright color. You could also intersperse violas with cowslip primroses since their flowers have a similar shape. Nevertheless, some flowers such as geraniums and zinnias are easy to grow making them ideal choices for beginner gardeners.At the same time, take note the Royal Horticultural Society recommends performing a soil test before planting new flowers.


There are several reasons why you should buy new flowers for your garden. These include improving the value of your property, maintain blooming flowers throughout the year, replace old and damaged flowers, and change how your garden looks.